Photo by  Deja Cross , December 2013

Photo by Deja Cross, December 2013

 I’m a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer. I love weird music that defies the conventions of its era in novel and shocking ways. That’s why I have long been bored with the 4/4 time signature and now try to avoid using it entirely. I have lately grown equally as tired of the chromatic scale, especially after learning about microtones, xenharmonics, and the discoveries of Erv Wilson

I was part of a CSUN-based jazz fusion sextet from 2011-2013 but now record and perform solo. Stylistically my music melds jazz, avant-prog, math rock, trip hop, freak folk, noisecore, classical, art rock, IDM and death metal. Virtually all of my music is comedic and I use a lot of extended technique and non-instruments. In its more experimental moments, my music can become blithering, improvised nonsense, which is understandably not everyone's cup of tea. I have no desire for my songs to become popular with the masses. I loathe pop.

Most of my music is available on SoundCloud. 'illubinated', my first solo album, is free on Bandcamp.

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