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       I was born Sean Michael Lubin in Tarzana, California on November 24th, 1987, into a world where Billy Idol's Mony Mony was the #1 song on the Billboard Charts. Reagan had gone from arming Iraq to arming Kuwait, and the depressing ending of Boogie Nights was happening, in real life, all around me. I’m kinda glad I have no memories of the 80s.


      Before doing stand-up comedy I was a musician in a toxic clique I’d been entrenched in since high school. I took on the position of the group freak, which was the bottom of the totem pole. They misunderstood my weird art as some unintentional byproduct of insanity, yet I kept playing the role of their mad jester. I had almost no self-worth because I was hanging out and sharing my ideas with “friends” that didn’t respect me, and it was mutual. In 2014 I began going to open mics as a desperate means to vent and be heard, and luckily it has evolved into something much more. I’m now part of a scene of talented, funny people I revere, relate to and trust. People for whom I don’t have to dumb myself down. People who know the difference between being weird and being crazy. Weird is singing nonsense while playing tone clusters on a Mellotron. Crazy is choosing all of your lifelong friends when you’re a teenager. 


I'm currently performing music and stand-up comedy across Los Angeles. You can message me @seanlubin on Twitter if you need artists for a chautauqua. My debut solo album, illubinated, is free on Bandcamp.